Sleep deprivation

Okay, so 3:30am this morning Baffy yelps. Both dogs are on the floor cause Speedbump is in bed and she DOES NOT share! Besides she was locked up while the boarders were here for 8 days and she has been STORMING the house since they left – beating all of us up for leaving her alone!

So Baffy yelps which of course wakes me up – hard to sleep through the blood curdling yelp of that dog. I say something to her.  The thought is that she must be having a bad dream and normally a mention of her name will wake her up enough to get her out of her dream.   Then I hear her wiggle, so I roll over and make an attempt to fall asleep again.  Just a few minutes later, Baffy yelps again! Apparently this is more than a mild dream.

So I flip on the light. She is laying next to the wall with her legs leaning up on the wall. Her front feet are next to the register, so I think, hmmmmm . . . maybe she has a toe stuck in one of the vents. I go over, nope, nothing stuck. She seems just fine. I ask her what her issue is and why is she yelping. She just looks at me.

SO, I lay down, turn off the light and try to get comfortable again. 4:00am – another YELP. You have GOT to be kidding me. I turn on the light and go over – no toes stuck in the register? I look at her and ask what she is doing this for. She wiggles a little and yelps again. AHHHHHHHHH. . . . now I understand. The princess has herself stuck against the wall and can’t figure out how to turn over on her side cause she’s wedged a little too far from the wall to swing her fat butt back where she came from.  BUT she is also too close to the wall to wiggle down and shove off of it. I grab her legs, swing them down to the floor where she promptly yawns at me and goes to sleep. So I get back in bed and try to get comfortable only to get attacked by the 1# little monster.

Lord, please tell me again why I love my animals? Why is it that they get groceries before me? Why is it that I spend more per pound on their food than I do on my meat products? Why their medical expenses always come first and are always taken care?


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