Uncle Allen

My Uncle Allen passed away today. Dad and Mom are in Florida and aren’t able to come back up for the funeral. It is my Mom’s brother, but Dad and Allen have been very close. Especially since he was diagnosed with cancer. There is a tumor in his brain that was discovered when he crashed his semi-trailer in Pennsylvania just before Thanksgiving. Mom and Dad were heading to Allison’s for the holiday and then going down to Florida. They wanted my parents to stop and bring Uncle Allen back from PA, but unfortunately, with Dad’s health problems they just couldn’t spend that much time on the road.

I have to work this weekend. I’m anxious because tomorrow I have to go the the nursing home for a blood draw and I’ve never been there before and I don’t know any of the procedures. Steph walked me through it so hopefully that will be good enough. Mom and Dad told me they really want me to go the the viewing and funeral since they can’t come back.


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