is the kitten I found dying in the middle of the road three days after I lost my job in 2009.  I took her home to die safely in my garage.  That was after I moved her off the road and tried to drive away three times – every time I tried to drive away, the little brat would drag herself back to the center of the road to bask in the July heat.  Nights were still miserably cold so I’m sure she was just trying to use the heat from the road to relieve her congestion.  Her feral mother and siblings took off when I drove past.

If I drove away, the next day I would find her flattened in the road.  As much I didn’t want another animal to feed right then.  I just couldn’t let her suffer a miserable death.  When we got home I heated up towels in the dryer and used hot wash cloths to remove some of the mucous from her eyes and nostrils.  I went to give her some catfood, but she had no teeth yet.  Thankfully, I had some canned catfood which I offered her a teaspoon at a time.

That night she curled up in warmed blankets on a heating pad in a small carrier.  She took up almost no room so I could easily fit a small litter box in there also.  I fully expected that her days would end peacefully in that carrier and I’d be adding a new mound to the back yard graves.


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