Kodi / Wyatt Update

We made our annual pilgrimage to Breyerfest this year. It was an especially exciting year for me because I was going to get to see Wyatt (a.k.a. Kodi) who I gave to friends of mine in Kentucky. It was heart wrenching this April to have to find him a new home, but I know that where he is, he couldn’t be in better hands than if I was taking care of him.

For those of you who don’t know, Kodi was my ex-husbands colt. Jeff got him from a local “rescue” June 1st when he was only 2 ½ months old. This wasn’t our choice to wean him that early, but that’s a whole other story! At that time, he was a beautiful bay Bashkir Curly that we anxiously began working with using Parelli. When we divorced in December of the same year, Jeff assured me that he would continue to take care of and work with his horse. Since he had told me he had a girlfriend in October, he had only been out to see Kodi once – prior to that event, he was out 3-4 days a week. By January Kodi was evidently missing the attention. So, I began working with him every night I possibly could. By March Jeff decided that he couldn’t afford to have Kodi anymore. I paid him for Kodi and then diligently worked to find a good home for him. I thank God every day that Jeff and Donna Bronson stepped up and offered him a home. Like I said, the care is equivalent or better than what I could offer.

Wyatt (Kodi) is the first animal that I have personally owned, that I have ever had to re-home. It broke my heart when he left. When I saw him on Thursday night before Breyerfest – I was ecstatic! He was turning into a long legged beautiful little boy and still had that fabulous Curly personality. I ran to his stall to give hugs and scratches. Once I’d had my fill of Wyatt, I went and said hi to Donna. Thank goodness they have the same attitude about animals or they might have been offended!

Hat watched me dole out attention to our little Kodi with indifference. Now, if I had dared to put a halter on him and start working with him – I’d have paid dearly. Hat was the happiest horse in the barn the night that Kodi left. No more sharing the momma! There is no doubt in our relationship who owns whom.


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